Effective Email Marketing 2

Seven Secrets to a Successful Campaign Part 2

The Final 3 important pieces of the email puzzle:

-               Transparency

Never try to conceal or disguise your identity or your purpose. Email recipients are twice as likely to open an email from a name they recognize than from one they do not. Regarding your purpose, the important part is to be specific. You should never have an subject line that reads “refinance today”; instead, it should read “interest rates are now under 4% for qualified buyers”.

-              Brevity

Keep it short and sweet. Your email ad should be smaller than 55k and viewable on a small screen in its entirety. The ad should have value and substance, not your whole product line. Offer links but keep it brief. Send HTML emails only on rare occasions as most people have their computer set to not open this type of email.


By using “click here” buttons or including surveys and other interactive elements, you have the opportunity to engage your consumer dynamically. This makes it more convenient for the customer to act on your message. If you neglect to include this, you force your customer to enter your website address or perform a search, which could lead them to a competitor.

In closing, remember these are YOUR customers so try to keep them with YOU and not straying to other businesses!