Marketing Your Business Can be Easy

We have a very diverse experience in many areas of promotion for your business.

With Social Media becoming more and more important in todays online world, we have the most up to date methods available to help your business grow, along with traditional methods that are proven.

Another method we offer is:

Website Directory Leasing

We can get your local business connected to online customers easily with our website directory lease service.

Our website directories are similar to an online yellow pages website except they are highly optimised to give the very best SEO value which in turn will rank in the search engines (Google and Bing) much quicker giving your business more exposure in a shorter period of time.

The process can be started in a few different ways as follows-

1)   Research and completion of a written report detailing competitors to your business already online, level of difficulty to rank for your chosen search terms and a full report on the positive and negative aspects of websites you may already have online to determine levels of optimisation required for success.

This research report is priced at $350 upfront and is 100% fully refundable if after viewing the report you believe we cannot help your business in a positive way.

2)   Set up 1 directory website for your chosen area that will contain your business details and a link to 1 lead generation website that will show more on your business and also display a prominent contact phone number for your business.

Each directory website is akin to a billboard in your area and can contain up to three (3) businesses.

Likewise your business would be listed on 2 other directory websites when fully leased in other areas.

So in effect you get listed on the directory website and a personal lead generation website and monthly updates on the success of the process.

You can view an example here of a directory website-

Available Soon

Directory leasing is priced from $200 per month plus $150 1 time  set up fee, with a 3 month minimum commitment, total of $750 up front.

If no research report is undertaken initially a review of leasing fees will be done prior to the end of the first 3 month period.

For more information on additional services, email me for our information and pricing brochures to be sent to you.

Further questions can be  sent to me at:

or by phone on +61 73483 0409

Shane Massingham